[22-23 continuation model] Freestyle royal road! !! ARCHITECT

ProLiant repulsion, carving grip,
You can even enjoy switch tricks
I want to continue pursuing freestyle forever!
Continues to be highly evaluated by such riders
Freestyle standard board for head.


The directional twin shape is combined with pop power and flux stringer support power to make park riding even more interesting.
A unisex board that combines responsiveness, power, and high control, and allows you to fully enjoy park play, terrain play, and even carving.
This is one that I would like to recommend to intermediate riders and above who want to pursue the fun of the park even more than now.



"Basalt Stringer" in the nose and tail
By arranging in a V shape, the repulsive force required for the trick
And the stickiness at the time of landing is dramatically improved!
An all-round model that you can enjoy regardless of regular switches, from parks and grand tricks to playing on the slopes.