[22-23 continuation model] Supports multi.NX SIX with instantly adjustable highback flex

You can customize the flex of the high back
NX SIX with Flexmaster 3000.
From hard park riding to powder runs that you want to slip into mellow
Instant response without tools.

A magic binding that can do many roles with one unit.


Flexmaster 3000 is a technology that can adjust the flexibility of highback from hard to soft.
An epoch-making system that can be adjusted quickly without tools

You can enjoy various riding regardless of the scene.

■ SOFT / Soft setting that realizes a feeling like surfing and free movement!
■ MEDIUM / Medium setting for dynamic riding!
■ STIFF / Responsive flex for power transmission and serious board control!



Flex adjustable bindings

With power transmission
Improved shock absorption!

Power transmission and shock absorption
Dampiflex to improve
powered by.Board natural
Pull out the flex,
Improved response.Enables comfortable riding.

Anytime, anywhere
Fully open
Easy to put on and take off!

With toe strap
Ankle strap
Both from the base plate
Released automatically
Auto open system.
Easy access to bindings in any environment.


A model developed to meet the needs of riders who can slide in various conditions.
NX SIX with many breakthrough technologies
I want to further improve my riding skills and double the fun

It is one that I would like to recommend to intermediate to advanced users!