[21-22 New model] Compatible with ultra-high speed range!MOUNTAIN for aggressive riders


Based on sLAB.ONE
Updated ankle strap.
A model with even higher ankle support
"I want to aggressively attack hard slopes at high speed."
This binding is recommended for such riders.

Updated ankle strap based on sLAB.ONE."MOUNTAIN" is a model with even higher ankle support. This binding is recommended for aggressive riders, such as those who are looking for a higher speed binding than sLAB.ONE, and riders who attack hard slopes.

I want to do tricks and carving at high speed, so I sometimes choose MOUNTAIN.I think that it is a model that you can feel the characteristics of SP that holds firmly in the front-back direction while giving it mobility in the left-right direction.I use it in the image of carving with the trick in the left-right direction and the holding force in the front-back direction.With MOUNTAIN, you can clearly experience the hold feeling unique to SP that is wrapped up from the whole, so please try it.
by Yunosuke Sugaya