[21-22 New model] evo buckle that realizes perfect "fine adjustment" "I want to make a slight adjustment"


The temperature and humidity that change depending on the slippery place and the slippery day
Depending on the swelling of the slipper's feet
To get the "feeling of hold you want"
A binding buckle that requires fine tuning.
However, "I want to make a slight adjustment" does not come true easily.
Installed in SP binding
evo buckle makes it happen.
We will reveal the secret of "What kind of buckle is it?"!

The SP binding is equipped with a "rear entry system that does not have a heel cup and is attached by raising the high back and pushing the entire foot toward the tip of the toe" called [FASTEC]. There is no need to adjust the strap, but it is equipped with a buckle to adjust the amount of fine adjustment that changes slightly depending on the temperature, humidity, swelling of the foot, etc.That is [evo buckle].It is mounted on the ankle strap and can be locked at the right place, so it is also a point that the adjustment position does not move carelessly.It is used not only for fine adjustment but also as a buckle that is useful in emergencies such as powder riding.