"SHARE 2023" which decorated Ishiuchi Maruyama's out-of-season

"SHARE", which was spotlighted in the special feature "PARK New Generation" in the November 2022 issue of FREERUN, was held on April 11, the day before the last business day of Ishiuchi Maruyama, Niigata this season.

The snow melted quickly, and I was surprised when I arrived at Ishiuchi Maruyama on the morning of the event.The center entrance with the resort center was in a situation where it slipped to the bottom and could not get off.But I was even more surprised.When I took the Sunrise Express to the event venue next to the 4th sightseeing lift, there was a special park waiting for me, which had been powered up in both length and width from last season due to the change in course position from last season.

As the course became longer, it was quite slippery

Kaito Onozaki, who is usually a digger at SNOWCASE, which is involved in the construction of Ishiuchi Maruyama Park, Yohei Niwano, Naoki Tominaga, and Eito Tsubaki became the founders, and started last season to send out a new movement from Minamiuonuma. SHARE".

Kaito Onozaki giving opening remarks

Speaking of Ishiuchi Maruyama, a festival-like event was held at the end of the season and attracted many people, but that was also lost due to the corona disaster.However, the four young riders with the above-mentioned hot passion started to take the lead, and local riders who agreed with their movement, local shops, brands, manufacturers, and restaurants turned to support.Including the participants and spectators from the first year, the venue was a bustling event with about 4 snowboarders and skiers.

This season, at the pre-registration stage, the number of participants alone exceeded 130.Local riders and riders who came all the way to participate in the event joined there, and it was a hot session.It goes without saying that the event attracted more people than last season, and the event itself was a blast.

Layback by Mutsuho Natsume, who just became a new junior high school student
Banks where you can comfortably flow are everywhere!
Yuto Yamada crosses the flag stuck in the volcano on the front side 360

Anyone can enter the special park, but depending on your skills, you can be fascinated enough.Such items were scattered everywhere.This is the result of FUTABAYA, an operator who creates one of the best parks in Japan, embodies the items imagined by the riders.

There are also jib items that are easy to enter.
Hiroki Hoshi (right) and Mr. Kanazawa (left) of HIGHPUSH, the shop he belongs to, holding the microphone to liven up the session.
Kenji Igarashi, who came to visit last year
Backside 180 @ Volcano by Yusaku Horii who came from Hyogo with his brother for this event

The most exciting part of the morning and afternoon sessions was the special session time.In this event, participants who the riders judged to be cool with certain items were handed over items collected from the sponsoring manufacturers on the spot.It was impressive that the participants showed off their best tricks and moves just for this moment.

Sponsored goods were handed (thrown?) from the riders like this

Although the boards stopped running as the temperature rose, the participants continued to enjoy skating until the very end, finding items that they could hit, and skating on the special park for this day only.

Shoma Takao throwing a slash at the bowl in the last section
Various awards were announced at the closing ceremony in the afternoon session.
At the end, there is also a rose-throwing event by sponsoring manufacturers!

Thus ended the DAYTIME event.However, there were actually quite a few people who said that this was the real thing. CAMPANELLA's live performance, DJ time and other night parties were held at Nantes and Ishiuchi Maruyama resort centers.It was a day that once again made me realize that this is the perfect event to decorate Ishiuchi Maruyama's out-of-season.

Photo+Text: HaruAki

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