“HELLY HANSEN × ELECTRIC” collaboration sunglasses to launch on April 4st!

HELLY HANSEN (Helly Hansen)1877An outdoor brand born in Norway in XNUMX.Since its founding140For over a year, we have pursued waterproof technology and developed innovative products to confront and coexist with nature.Thinking about the future of our children,100We are taking action to leave a beautiful sea where children can play for years to come.

On the other hand, ELECTRIC isAn eyewear brand born in San Clemente, California.Supported by top athletes such as professional surfers and snowboarders,Currently, its quality is recognized in a wide variety of fields due to its sophisticated design and image.

This time, the collaboration between the two brands has been realized.Team up with Helly Hansen Angler,
We have redefined the importance of gear for anglers who are serious about the field.

Sunglasses, which are indispensable for fishing scenes, reduce the glare of light, suppress glare on the surface of the water, and support underwater information such as fish shadows and topography.On the other hand, there is concern that the field that is exposed to sunlight all day will put a heavy burden on the eyes.Safety is also required.

In this collaboration, we will launch sunglasses that satisfy these two elements to support the angler's comfortable fishing scene.
HELLY HANSEN X ELECTRIC sunglasses ¥38,500-(tax included)

electricJJF12Helly Hansen bespoke model with color and details arranged based on the model.The black frame is made from renewable materials derived from plants.The leash hole is flash green, which is the icon color of Helly Hansen Angler. The lenses are polarized lenses with a bronze base color and green mirror processing.

By wearing a removable eye shield, it protects your eyes from strong sunlight, rain, wind, dust, etc. Synthetic melanin is contained in the lens, and in addition to the ultraviolet rays contained in the sun, blue light is harmful to the eyes.98%Cut off.

Blue light has the shortest wavelength and the strongest energy among visible light that can be seen by the human eye, and reaches the cornea without being absorbed by the cornea or lens.Not only PCs and smartphones, but also sunlight contains a lot of blue light, and there is concern that it will put a heavy burden on the eyes when fishing.

By blocking this blue light, the focal length is shortened, the contrast is improved, and clear vision is achieved. Sunglasses that take into consideration not only fishing support but also overall damage care have been completed.

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