"We do not make gloves that sell only functionality" The one and only glove that makes you feel snowboard culture "Ashram / SPACING, MOLLE, DGMA"

SIZE: S / M, L / XL
PRICE: ¥ 12,100

MOLLE (middle)
SIZE: S, M, L (S is BLACK only)
PRICE: ¥ 14,850

DGMA (right)
SIZE: S, M, L (black / navy, n_orange / gray are M, L only)
PRICE: ¥ 11,000

In order to improve your riding performance, it is important to maintain comfortable conditions without stressing your body.In addition to heat retention, it is essential that the gloves do not get wet.Blocking the ingress of moisture from the outside and pursuing good sweat removal can be said to be the standard anymore.Therefore, I would like to choose an item that uses a highly waterproof and breathable material such as GORE-TEX. Ashram uses GORE-TEX insert film in all but one model lineup.Moreover, most of them are kept in the price range of the early 1 yen.Behind the scenes is Ashram's desire to have many people use high-quality gear.

The "MOLLE" in the center is a popular model whose innovative design is announced every season.Domestic 3-layer fabric is used for the outer material, and moisture is adjusted by opening the ventilation under the cover parts designed on the back of the hand to keep the inside of the glove in a comfortable state.The cover parts are made of highly functional materials, such as a fabric that is lighter than nylon and has 6 times the strength, and the lightest wrist buckle made by YKK.

The "SPACING LOGO MITT" on the left is a unisex model that incorporates the nuance color that is the focus of this year's color.The pale colors and pop logo font soften the "hard" image of GORE-TEX items and complete a light coordination.However, contrary to its design, it also has durability that can withstand hard riding, such as using a highly durable material for the palm part.

The "DGMA" on the right is a cost performance model that suppresses basic performance. As a GORE-TEX specification model, the price is surprisingly 11,000 yen including tax, so it is easy for people who are new to GORE-TEX to get their hands on it.The earth color that naturally blends into your lifestyle will allow you to enjoy the coordination of snowy mountains as if you were wearing it everyday.The unique design is also a popular secret, as the letters "ASHRAM" are completed by combining the left and right gloves.

And what Ashram is most particular about is to keep snowboarding as a culture, not just about functionality, no matter how much technology develops. It is Ashram's intention and intention to design such an original glove while clearing the strict standards set by GORE. It can be said that this is a trick that can only be achieved by a Japanese glove brand that has designed snowboard gloves since 1996.Snowboarding, skateboarding, clubs, street culture ... swallowing everything, Ashram goes one step further. "We don't make gloves that sell only functionality. Snowboarding is a culture." That's Ashram's mission.


The silver piping on the wrist is a part of the reflector material.Playfulness appears in the gimmick that reflects the light in the dark night

The long type skirt is a 2-way specification that can be used both inside and outside the sleeves.A message from Ashram is engraved on the yellow ribbon tape

A design inspired by the outdoor boom.The calm coloring and big logo create a perfect balance.

The word "GORE-TEX", which is a one-piece design, is a proof that promises peace of mind and comfort [MOLLE].

The zipper at the instep center comes with an Ashram original puller that is easy to open and close.The cover part can be opened and closed with a magnet [MOLLE]

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