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When will you start at this time of year!
I got an inquiry. .. .. ..Burn
So I'll do it this year too! !!
Everyone snowboards, eats, talks hot, talks about love and fever!Lol
something like that! !!
Repeat rate 98%! !! !! (Refer to TDJ formula method)
Couple birth rate 38%! !! !! (If you write something like this, it will be a little difficult for people who want to come to the lesson or married people, but you don't expect a serious lesson for Shinpei Asaga anyway?)
* Some people believe that SNS is scary and write this kind of thing, but it's a joke.
XNUMX professional snowboarders have been produced from this TDJ CAMP! !! !! !!
I can't give you a name, but all the famous professional snowboarders have grown up with the overly accurate advice of Shinpei Asaga!
The real story at dinner is interesting!
(You can become a professional snowboarder with this CAMP alone, and the cost performance is not perfect!)
※Is a lie.
But I'm confident!Lol
And if it's boring, the lesson fee will be refunded in full! !!
Until last year, if you didn't improve, you would get a full refund, but even if you improve, it doesn't make sense if it's totally boring!I thought!
I think all the air is important when I'm with you as an entertainer. (Seriously!)
"THE DAY JAPAN CAMP2016 vol.1"
Presents by Shimpei Asaga
Schedule Saturday, July 2016, 7
The meeting time is 12 o'clock!Everyone gathers! !!
Place Snova Mizonokuchi Parking Lot Meeting
Hours 13: 18-XNUMX: XNUMX (XNUMX hours of gliding, XNUMX hour lesson while watching the video)
Amount 7500 yen (sliding fee, lesson fee, video editing fee (videos of participants on the day will be sent together at a later date)) Normal Saturday and Sunday sliding fee is 4200 yen (reference)
* Applicable to those who have a season pass for the facility!Discount!
* If you do not have a membership card for the facility, please issue it as it is 1000 yen per year.
About 10 people
Contents We will improve your gliding skills and raise your awareness of style based on jumps.
What to bring Snowboard equipment and helmet are required, but free rental is available at the facility.
Qualifications for participation Those who have motivation and guts
Any level!
Even those who have never jumped will be taught carefully from XNUMX ~! !!
Coach Shinpei Asaga
Benefits Those who participate frequently in THEDAYJAPAN CAMP 2016 (July-November)
1st place is equivalent to 5 yen 2nd place is equivalent to 3 yen 3rd place is equivalent to 1 yen!
Participation application direction FACEBOOK, TWITTER message or comment or shimpeiasaga@gmail.com
Learning jumping skills and tricks is a matter of course, and we will give lessons with an awareness of how to do it in a cool and stylish way! !!
We also aim to raise the level of snowboarding skills that suit each person, from how to create an image of tricks to setting the board! !!
A photo session by cameraman Kenichiro Yanagita, who was very popular last year, is scheduled for this term around November, so let's improve your skills so that you can leave cool photos! !!
In the unlikely event that you do not feel uplifted, the lesson fee will be refunded in full! !!
If you have any tricks or slips that you want to do yourself, please let us know in advance or on the day, and we will take an accurate approach toward that.
Of course, there is also a romance consultation for XNUMX hours without slipping.Lol (I didn't have such a person in the past, but w)
I will explain to each individual while watching the video taken during the break and after the run ~ ~
Also, I am sending the footage taken that day so that I can see it individually at a later date.
Sharp mind~~~~!
(I'm Asaga for aftercare. Lol)
It's free participation, but let's eat together after the lesson! !! (This is the main event) lol
The photo is a photo session by Kenichiro Yanagida last year! !! !!