"Nekoma x P-can. FACTORY" video series released! Aim to improve short-term skills in the park !!

The sequels to the "Nekoma x P-can. FACTORY" video series are coming out one after another !!
For those who want to go to Hoshino Resort Nekoma Ski Resort and practice in the coming spring season, and those who want to know the HOW TO of the park, please check it out.

It's okay if you can't ollie!How to fly the jump table
"If you fly with Bjorn with both feet, it's OK"

For those who cannot grab.Grab your favorite grab!
"If you know the knack of grab, you can easily do it."

One of the tricks to avoid the dangers that occur with snowboarding
"Avoid danger while remembering shifties"

In addition, the park at Hoshino Resorts Alts Bandai Ski Resort is also slipping with tension!
Especially, staying at Bandaisan Onsen Hotel is very comfortable.

There is also a spring cat demon plan for staying at Bandaisan Onsen Hotel.
Special plan is on sale at Bandaisan Onsen Hotel, which is the first snow idiot