"Kids Session @ Hakuba Sanosaka" will be held on March XNUMXth

Kiz border gathering ~
Let's play in the park with a professional rider! !!

With professional riders who don't usually come into contact with each otherSpecial BOX installed in the park
And special waves
I learned the fun of snowboarding while gliding for a fun day,Manners and cheapness in the park
All riding
The main concept is to have fun learning.
"Kids SESSION" is neither a camp nor a contest.
Professional riders so that the energetic kids who participate can improve happilyIs doing everything

Recruitment target kids
Kids (men and women, up to 15 years old)
・ You can ride the lift by yourself,An energetic kick that can slide on the beginner's course on the slopes
・ It is possible even if you cannot make a turn.Kids border who wants to challenge BOX and wave for the first time!

2016 years 3 month 6 (day)
Hakuba Sanosaka Ski Resort

Participation fee X NUM X yen

Capacity XNUMX people
* Please hurry as the capacity is approaching.

Participating riders
Azu Ozaki Narumi Sakuma Yoshito Tanaka Masami Toki (Other currently being adjusted)

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