"Kamui Misaka" charter event SNOW WAVE SESSION vol.6 will be scheduled for 10/18 (Friday)!

The indoor half pipe of Kamui Misaka, which boasts the highest quality in Japan.Play in your own style while using a small number of people to resemble a luxuriously rented pipe as a wave or wall.
It is a luxurious event for adult snow surfers and snowboarders (mainly bowl and line play) who play stylishly on snow waves and walls during this time when there is no natural snow.

The schedule for the popular event "SNOW WAVE SESSION" organized by Naoto Koban has been decided on 10/18 (Friday).
Check below for details!

SNOW WAVE Session in Misaka vol.6
Held on 10/18 (Friday)
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[Kamui Misaka Summer Slope 80 minutes from the city center]
Japan's highest quality indoor halfpipe
It's usually a practice dojo for pipe kids, and the atmosphere is more than a fan!It is a difficult environment for pipe beginners to enter.

[Venue charter]
An environment where people who have no experience with pipes can play
By renting out the venue, you can create a fan-like atmosphere that has nothing to do with the usual feeling of tightness, and even participants who are new to pipe can take on the challenge with low stress.

[Jump, carving, slash]
Share time to enjoy in a free style, not win or lose

By renting out the venue, participants can play in their own style without disturbing the practice of pipe kids.Rather than competing for the difficulty of the trick, it is an event image of "to Cool ... to Style Free ... to share a good time".

[XNUMX participants, XNUMX professional riders]
The ratio of professional riders and participants gathered for the purpose of this event is XNUMX: XNUMX "Enjoy watching, talking, enjoying with advice" The distance between the rider you admire is surprisingly close, and you can imagine that it will be a wonderful experience. It's not difficult.

Date October 2019, 10 (Friday)
Participation target Snowboarders and snow surfers who are beginners or above

Primary recruitment <1/9 ~ 13/9>
Adults: 7,500 yen High school students and younger: 4,500 yen (tax included, facility usage fee included) One-point advice included

Primary recruitment <2/9 ~ 27/10>
Adults: 8,000 yen High school students and younger: 5,000 yen (tax included, facility usage fee included) One-point advice included

Recruitment number: about 40 people, minimum number of people to perform 23 people

Coming soon

【 Test-ride event 】
Looking for participation

Looking for participation

Professional rider charter session
Details coming soon!

Beginner / beginner lessons
Details coming soon!

Since there are differences in the level of participants, please be considerate and considerate of other participants.
Admission by general groups for viewing purposes is not permitted.

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