"How 241 make great snowboard wear." 241 explains the three points of making wear with a video.

XNUMX who has been sticking to snowboarding and continuing to make products has released an animation video on YouTube that suggests three points to keep in mind when choosing clothing.

To enjoy snowboarding comfortably all day long, it is important to choose well-balanced clothing.But how should I choose?

The answer is in the video.

▶ ︎Chapter list
00:04 Intro "How to choose clothing"
00:22 Point ① "Durability"
00:54 Point ② "Waterproof / breathable"
01:51 Point ③ "Easy to move"
02:21 241 Reasons why we can recommend wear

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■ 241 – TWO FOR ONE
Brand 241 (TWO FOR ONE) founded by Mike Basic, a legendary snowboarder who has been active since the dawn of snowboarding.Boasting high functionality optimized for snowboarding, we propose a collection that can be used in a variety of situations, from slopes to backcountry.

[241 Official Website] https://bit.ly/3h3p9XA

■ Mike Basich – Mike Basich
Mike Basic, the owner and founder of 241 has been doing POV and self-shooting since the days when he didn't even have the word "selfie", cultivated a mountain named AREA-241 himself and built a house by self-building. A person full of creativity to make things that no one imagined one after another, and vitality to make them.Continuing to create an original way of life, the creation is not limited to snowboard wear, but also covers the lifestyle itself, and only warm things that feel his humanity.
[Inside of 241 Mike Basich Story special site]https://youtu.be/NCR2QxUe4tE

[Inside of 241 Mike Basich Story Movie]https://bit.ly/2J9q10y