"ELECTRIC ALL FLAT CASH JAM 2023" report where gibbers all over the country fought a fierce battle.

The “ELECTRIC ALL FLAT CASH JAM” (hereafter referred to as AFCJ), which will be one of the gateways to joining the top gibbers, was held at Maiko Snow Resort in Niigata for the first time in four years on Saturday, March 4th.In the past five times, this event has been crowded with gibbers from all over the country, what kind of day will it be this year?I'll let you know how it goes.
Photo: ZIZO

Hinano Sakamoto won the WOMENS & KIDS class this year.Although she was only 11 years old, she was fascinated by her considerable presence.

A special park for this day only appears!

The venue was Maiko Snow Resort in Niigata.There is a permanent freestyle park called "MAIKO SNOW PARK GARDEN × ELECTRIC" here, and it is very exciting during the season.SNOWCASE DESIGN, a park digger crew representative of the Yuzawa and Minamiuonuma area, produced the park, and the AFCJ event this time took place in a one-day-only special park built underneath it.

Participants attacking the side high wall set up in the AFCJ special park.What you can see in the back is the permanent park.

When I arrived at the contest venue, there was a special park that looked interesting this year as well.Items of interest are Rainbow Narrow, Dick Rail (Wide Rail), Flat Down, Side High Wall, End Wall, Diagonal Narrow Box.These items were laid out so that the imagination of the slipper could be used.

This special park where you can find your own line and flow creatively

First, we asked Mr. Tamura of SNOWCASE DESIGN about the concept of the special park for this tournament.
“In the past, there were years when we put items on both sides of the pipe shape to make it playable in 3D, and as we kept repeating this event, I felt that the layout was twisted too much… That's why I decided to go back to the basic jib section style this time.I made a jib section with a slightly deviated slope while keeping a simple straight entry. I tried using XNUMX shots at the front of the end.The flat down is not straight, but is intentionally shaped like a "ku".I think there are people who can show their style here.Anyway, the best concept is to go back to the basics without twisting it too much." by Tamura


Teramoto Yuma with a flat down rail arranged in the shape of a square.

Show off your style and get ELECTRIC CASH!!

The rules for this event are simple.“ELECTRIC CASH” will be distributed by ELECTRIC riders to those who did good riding in the jam session, and those who collect more CASH will advance to the final.If you win a prize, you can get ELECTRIC goggles, sunglasses, apparel, etc., so the participants are fired up.

Hiroka Mizokami, a participant of the girls group, performing an original layback on the slope
CASH will be distributed from ELECTRIC riders to those who ski well!
Upper left) Lunch was provided to participants free of charge. Upper right) The MC of the tournament this time was Mr. Itaru Fujinuma, also known as RIDE FOR A SMILE.Lower left) At the booth, next year's featured ELECTRIC goggles are lined up Lower right) Various products given to the top winners

About 60 people attended this day.Among them, there were people who rushed from Hokkaido and children who entered at the age of 5, and gibbers who were proud of their skills gathered from all over the country.First, check each section with inspection.In the qualifying session, the men's class and the women's and kids' (up to junior high school students) class were divided into two heats each, with jam sessions of 2 minutes each.

Soku Horikago, 3rd in the WOMENS & KIDS class, makes a clean flat down rail.
Some people use the bank on the side and aim for the original line all the time!
5-year-old kids also beautifully make up Rainbow BOX

The session at this special park showed a lot of excitement, and each participant chose an original line and everyone attacked.Then, 12 people from each class who won the qualifying round had their final battle in the 30-minute final jam session.

Get a lot of ELECTRIC CASH!

In the final, the level has risen even more, and there are those who boldly try one-foot on the rainbow, those who fascinate the lip slide to fakie by side-in from the slope, and the BS lip slide that rides speed on the side high wall and rail. , The one who fascinates Switch Fifty-in... And it's already a rider!?Anyway, as it is a complex special park where you can choose various lines, there are XNUMX different styles of skaters.Watching everyone skate, it goes without saying that the excitement of the audience as well as the ELECTRIC riders judging them was greatly enhanced by their creativity.The heat of the venue encouraged the riders to participate in the session between themselves, making the event even more exciting.

ELECTRIC rider Shingo Itaya from Toyama.In spite of his injured arm, he unleashes the upper deck on the wall!
ELECTRIC rider Himawari Takamori will also participate in the session and liven up the event.
Ruki Sasamoto, 2nd in the WOMENS & KIDS class.I want to keep an eye on this 11-year-old who has an original style and is a threat!
Fukuoka Toru who excited the venue with his aggressive skiing from start to finish
Yuta Watanabe, who is active as a top-class gibber in Japan, also participated.Attack the item with a style that everyone recognizes and a stable slide
Masashi Endo, who has also shown his presence in numerous jib contests.I am one of the regular attendees of this event.
ELECTRIC riders Upper left) Ryuichi Kabeta (left) who joined the ELECTRIC rider from this season, right is Shoma Takao Upper right) boasts the top class ability in JapanTodaMasato (left) and Kenji Igarashi (right) Lower left) Reina Ueki, Himawari Takamori, Momoka Fujikawa from left Lower right) Himawari Takamori distributing CASH
Shinnosuke Otomo, who works at Yajima Ski Resort in Akita as his home mountain, won the MENS class!He captivated the audience with his high-class performance that everyone could agree on.

At the end of this event, the winners of each class and the ELECTRIC riders held a photo session by professional photographer ZIZO.Then, we will carefully select the photos taken there and publish them in the FREERUN magazine that will be released in the autumn of 2023.Also look forward to it!

To all the top prizewinners.Thank you for showing us your amazing riding!Photos of the photo session that expresses their style will be published in FREERUN next fall!!

<MENS class>
1st: Shinnosuke Otomo
2nd: Yuta Watanabe
3rd: Yuki Arakawa
4th: Masashi Endo
5th: Sota Saito
6th: Fukuoka Toru

<WOMENS & KID class>
1st: Hinano Sakamoto
2nd: Ruki Sasamoto
3rd: Soku Horikago

The jib scene is once again in the spotlight this season

AFCJ was held for the first time in four years.What I felt at this event was that the level of participants was much higher than in past competitions.Also, since the event was revived after a long time, the impression was that the enthusiasm and enjoyment of the participants, riders, and audience were quite high.Corona is also heading to convergence, and it is essential for snowboarding to gather in the snowy mountains for events like this and raise each other in contests.Especially the jib contest, where self-expression is an important element, was made to feel even more so.

Yuki Arakawa from WAKU WAKU also participated and won 3rd place.
Sodai Saito also demonstrates his presence in all items!

This season, various jib contests will be held other than AFCJ, and it is highly expected that this scene will become popular again.The spring park will be in full swing from now on, so I hope you will continue to hone your skating skills and express your style in contests like this next year.

ELECTRIC rider who continued to try until the end to liven up the eventTodaMasato.Everyone who saw it must have thought, "As expected! It's hot!"

Here is the movie of the tournament!