"CALI TO JAPAN TRIP" EPISODE 6 – A trip to Tohoku and Fukushima.

Photo: Wataru Okamoto

This season, the Yukie Ueda family has slipped down the snowy mountains of Japan based in Fukushima. The resort introduced in the final episode of "CALI TO JAPAN TRIP" will focus on the Hoshino Resorts Alts Bandai / Nekoma Ski Resort, which extends to the south and north of Bandai Mountain, which is called the Treasure Mountain.
Text: Yukie Ueda
Special Thanks: Hoshino Resorts Alts Bandai & Hoshino Resort Nekoma Ski Resort

* In this project, Yukie Ueda's son, Toranosuke (tiger), visits various parts of Japan and slides on the YouTube channel to convey the charm of the area and resort facilities to foreigners in English."TORA BURGER"Delivered by. In the SBN FREERUN serialized article, I will collaborate with the video and keep a record of travel in various places from the perspective of Yukie Ueda.

Front and back of Mt. Bandai

Mt. Bandai, known as the Treasure Mountain, is blessed with abundant natural scenery and hot springs.There is Alts Bandai on the south slope and Nekoma Ski Resort on the north slope.The beautiful Lake Inawashiro under the eyes of Alts Bandai, the mysterious Lake Hibara and the lakes of Goshikinuma seen from the cat demons are said to have been created by the steam explosion of Mt. Bandai.
When I first visited, I was impressed by the beautiful view of this lake from the slopes.It's not as dynamic as in North America, but the deep and emotional scenery resonates deeply in my heart.

Beautiful Mt. Bandai and Lake Inawashiro
Glide towards Lake Inawashiro

The south side of Mt. Bandai is called Omotesando and the north side is called Urabandai, and each slope has different characteristics.Alts Bandai has a bright and wide course on the sunny south side, and Nekoma Ski Resort in Urabandai has good snow quality and snowfall on the north slope.

Beech tree in the background, cat demon full of Japanese scenery
Alts Bandai with many wide burns in the sun

The two ski resorts located on the opposite side of Mt. Bandai are about an hour away by car, but they are connected in about XNUMX minutes by walking along the walking route at the top of the mountain.
It may be interesting that Hoshino Resorts manages both front and back slopes with different personalities.

At the entrance of the walking route on the Alts Bandai side

Nekoma Ski Resort where powder lovers gather

At the beginning of the season, when I went to Nekoma to slip, powder was immediately piled up.The snow on the north slope was cold, and the moment I stepped into the light snow with moderate humidity, it seemed that the season-in switch was pressed on my body.

Cat magic powder at the beginning of the season awakened my body
My husband also barks and bathes in Japanese powder

The wide barn with a slope allows carving of compressed snow and powder that has fallen to slide with a sense of speed.There is a wide variety of courses such as a devil course on a medium slope, a forest course with natural swamp terrain, a deep course with steep slopes, and a variety of courses that will satisfy the slipper.The park, which has been permanent since the beginning of the season, also entertained us.

Not limited to Hoshino Resorts, I felt at some resorts that I visited this season, but the mountain information that the resort delivers on SNS is kind and friendly, and further raises our feelings toward snowy mountains. He gave me.Among them, the information sent by Neko-Magic was detailed and closely related to the feelings of the slipper, and it was packed with information that could not be obtained by just looking at the temperature and wind speed in the weather forecast.
A cat demon with the phrase "snow idiot".I feel that it contains the idea of ​​"to everyone who loves playing in the snow."

Snow idiot alone here

An amusement park called Alts Bandai

Hoshino Resorts Alts Bandai is one of the largest ski resorts in the South Tohoku region, and is divided into four areas: main, valley, mountain peak, and rime on trees. The total number of courses is XNUMX when the cat courses are combined.You can glide over Mt. Bandai from most of the area and overlook Lake Inawashiro.

Superb view from the top of Alts Bandai
Glide like jumping into the big Lake Inawashiro

Hoshino Resort Bandaisan Onsen Hotel in front of the slopes is full of activities that will satisfy even those who just come to see the snowy scenery, and I was able to fully feel the value of the resort.There are many apples floating in the hot springs, a space where you can experience painting traditional crafts, and many white bekos that are not red bekos hang from the tree in the lobby, so you can relax while feeling the tradition of Aizu.

The white beko displayed in the hotel lobby was cute
Aizu Tewassa, where you can color and paint your favorite colors
Japanese sword on Akabeko.It ’s the most attractive item for boys from the United States.

Among them, the one we liked the most was the "Yagen Koshieru Tea" corner, which is a blend of several types of tea leaves to make original tea.The work of crushing and steaming tea leaves with a tool called Yagen seems to be interesting for my XNUMX-year-old son, and the tiger brewed tea every day during his stay.It was the best.

Blend and crush the tea leaves of your choice
The tea that my son brews is the best!

The room I stayed at this time was a large Japanese-style modern space, as the name suggests, Aizu Modern Suite, and it matched perfectly with the snowy mountains.

A modern room with a white slope outside the window

A large Japanese-style sofa and a chabudai with Aizu lacquer are installed on the small rise, and you can enjoy the snowy scenery while leaning on the cute cushions made of Aizu cotton.There was a sake cellar at the bar counter, and there were three types of sake that had been cooled to the optimum temperature.It's too wonderful to be able to feel the splendor of Japanese while at a snow resort.

Living room where you can feel the tradition of Aizu
Local sake served while gazing at the snowy landscape
Calm bedroom on the second floor

At Alts Bandai, I was able to enjoy two types of parks, a flowable park and a step-up park.In the park where you can flow, not only jumps and jib but also banks and rolls are installed in the long course, and it is attractive that you can slide freely as you fly or hit.The step-up park has items for beginners and intermediates to sizes that can be absorbed by advanced riders, so top riders also skated well.

Quarter pipe that appeared in the park that can be washed away
(Okamoto) Session with Wataru

It is not only the hot springs and relaxing rooms that heal your body after slipping.Delicious local ingredients were used abundantly in the hotel meals, and the food and services, including traditional dishes, were of high quality.

The food that the chef prepares on the spot is the best

The deliciousness of the Gueret food was irresistible as much as the luxurious hotel buffet.I was addicted to the popular salted katsudon.The tiger was addicted to curry rice.

It seems that I felt the taste of the slightly spicy curry for the first time, not the children's curry.

Feeling the tradition with the snow in the area adds many times more value to your snowboarding journey.

It's so comfortable to be able to ski in and out!

Exciting spring park

In March, the spring park "Nekoma Step-up Park" appeared at Nekoma Ski Resort.As both Alts Bandai and Nekoma go to the park, their acquaintances increase and cheers can be heard from the top of the lift.I really liked that atmosphere.
When I heard it, there were snowboarders who stayed in Inawashiro-cho and slipped on Alts Bandai and Nekoma, and I was happy to miss the atmosphere of "muffled", which is also a Japanese snowboarding culture.

The ice-covered lake began to melt in the blink of an eye, and the snow-covered landscape turned into a colorful world.The season was short, especially in the early spring of this year, but we were able to fully enjoy the changing snow quality and terrain.

The XNUMX-year-old husband was also enthusiastic about flying the cat demon kicker Photo: Wataru Okamoto
This environment where you can hear cheers from the lift is the best! Photo: Wataru Okamoto

Glide through the snowy mountains of Japan based in Fukushima

Our season based in Fukushima with immigration to Japan.The home slope was from the Adatara mountain range to Mt. Bandai.
The weather changed when I passed through the Tsuchiyu tunnel from Dake Onsen. At Minowa Ski Resort, where you can feel a different world after a XNUMX-minute drive, you can taste the finest champagne powder, and at the inner part of Tsuchiyu Onsen, Washikura Onsen, you could make snowmobiles and kickers to fly.If you drive further west, you will see Mt. Bandai, which is covered with snow.It is about XNUMX minutes from Adatara Kogen Ski Resort to go skiing between housework.Swayed by a lift bearing the name of the constellation, I skated many times on the beautiful snow-packed barn carved on Mt. Adatara, one of the XNUMX famous mountains.

I learned that Fukushima also has attractive mountains, snow and a warm life.
As long as we are snowboarders, our journey will continue.
There are still many attractive snowy mountains in the island country of Japan.

Cat demon that I enjoyed to the end with my family
I'll come again!Tohoku



TORA BURGER # 23 SPRING PARK @NEKOMA Hoshino Resort Nekoma no Haru Park!


TORA BURGER # 5 NEKOMA SKI RESORT @ Fukushima Japan Hoshino Resort Nekoma Ski Resort

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Yukie Ueda
XNUMX years of experience as a professional snowboarder.As a half-pipe and big air player, he fought in professional games and the World Cup, and after enlivening the Japanese girls scene such as movie production and launching a snowboard brand, he moved to California, USA on the occasion of his marriage.He moved to Mammoth Mountain and has continued snowboarding activities in Japan and the United States, but this time the whole family will move to Japan for one year.

ORION Toranosuke
Born April XNUMX, XNUMX, XNUMX years old.A third-generation Japanese-American bilingual born in California.I love snowboarding and skateboarding. USASA National Snowboard Championship XNUMX XNUMX Under category overall XNUMXrd place.