High-end full twin board "EPIC" equipped with "active camber" that makes the contact point loose_Gray Snowboards

mid-flex design
From grati to slopestyle

Gray Snowboards
Sizes: 134, 138, 141, 144, 148, 151, 154, 157
Price: ¥ 103,400 (tax included)

This "EPIC" is gaining popularity as a full-twin high-end model with active camber.The synergistic effect of the compound sidecut with a strong R sidecut between the stances and the active camber prevents the edge pressure near the contact point from being too strong, while providing just the right touch to the snow for good operability and foot support. Both grip feeling.The nose and tail have tension, the center is soft, and the repulsion of the nose and tail is easier to use in the gratri, expanding the possibilities of high rotation and flipping tricks.Also, the soft center makes it easy to perform press tricks.Overall, it has a well-balanced flex that can be enjoyed from freeriding to the park, and is a high-performance board that satisfies the needs of all-around riding.

Active camber arch which is the biggest feature of EPIC
Tip shape designed with sufficient consideration for ease of handling in grati.Sufficient tension in the nose and tail
Balanced twin tip shape. 148 insert holes are set for 12cm and above, and the stance setting can be fine-tuned.
By making the loose R part near the snow contact point slightly straight while keeping the camber feeling firmly underfoot, the contact point goes further inward when the load is applied, and at the same time, the surface pressure at both ends of the board is further increased. It becomes weaker and realizes high operability that is light and easy to handle.

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