PAGE - 16 PAGE - 17INSULATIONDRY TECHNOLOGYWATERPROOF LEATHERFABRICGloves engineered with GORE-TEX® inserts + Gore active technology are durably waterproof, windproof and highly breathable – guaranteed. The whole system of inner lining, membrane and outer material is optimized for enhanced breathability. This increases the level of comfort in an even wider range of activities.Level products are insulated with exclusive, high-ll power goose down ranging from 550 to 900 ll, which repre-sents the highest quality down commercially available. The down is isolated in small chambers so there is no ll migration; this ensures goose down even distribution and a great insulation performance.Gloves engineered with GORE® WINDSTOPPER® product technology offer absolute windproofness and water resistance while being extremely breathable. They are the ideal solution for all kinds of high aerobic sports in modera-te weather conditions.Soft insulation fabric. An insulation that is water repellent! Unlike down, it won’t hold water so it even keeps you warm when it’s wet! A warm and soft feeling that offers good breathability.Gloves engineered with GORE-TEX® inserts + Gore warm technology are durably waterproof, windproof and brea-thable – guaranteed. Even in harsh conditions the whole system of inner lining, membrane and outer material is optimized to keep your hands warmer for longer.Special treated leather that withstands tough, outdoor conditions. The leather is thoroughly waterproofed and its structural properties provide effective protectionagainst moisture.Soft, supple, and less bulky than high-loft insulation. The exclusive blend of bers traps in more air for more warmth.Level is presenting a new silk lining in the women’s line whi-ch offers a great softness and increases thermal insulation.Gloves engineered with GORE-TEX® inserts + Gore griptechnology are durably waterproof, windproof and bre-athable – guaranteed. Thanks to their innovative layered construction, they provide outstanding dexterity and tactility for an optimum grip. This makes it easier to handle your ski poles, zippers, goggles, bags, etc.The unique microbers of Thinsulate insulation are ten times smaller than the bers of other synthetic insulations, which means they’re much more efcient at trapping air and kee-ping in the warmth. It will avoid the formation of cold spots in your hands by lling all the multiple airspaces.Gloves engineered with GORE-TEX® inserts + Gore 2in 1 technology are durably waterproof, windproof and breathable – guaranteed. Their innovative construction with two different chambers makes it easy and convenient to change between direct grip and warmth.The new LEVEL insulation solution. Soft feeling and thermal benets together.A highly breathable membrane insert that creates a waterproof barrier between exterior layer of the glove and the insulating materials. It optimizes warmth and comfort by keeping the hands dry.The fabric is laminated with a process that permits to add a breathable waterproof membrane to the outer material, optimizing warmth and comfort while keeping the hands dry.Polartec® Power Stretch® fabric features 4-way stretch and it is very breathable. It provides warmth without weight. The 4-Way stretch system provides unrestricted freedom of movement. It keeps skin dry even when you sweat, main-tains hands warm without the weight and bulk of traditional insulating fabrics and will reduce the effects of wind chill thanks to its fabrics.This natural material is characterized by thin bers which do not retain odors making this type of wool antimicrobal. Wool provides warmth and draws sweat away from the skin, keeping a sensation of dryness.

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