PAGE - 15CUSTOM FIT SYSTEMLEATHERSFABRICSKIRAX STIMULATOR SYSTEMWith over 20 years of experience in the world of snow sports and ongoing research, Level has always aimed to chose the highest quality fabrics and leathers for their wide range of gloves which are differentiated by thickness and quality specications for their many uses. The choice of fabrics is made by our R&D department, in collaboration with top athletes and advice of different stylistic groups from all over the world. We follow the main trends in style and color but keeping as the primary objective fabrics with exclusive features, both in structure and trend that makes them unique and inimitable.SPRAY TESTAll Level fabrics are tested with the "spray test" to be approved and certied for maximum water resistance.WATERPROOF GOATSKIN:A soft waterproof leather, used mainly for ski gloves in areas which are exposed to high abrasion such as the palms or between the thumb and index nger. HAIRSHEEP PITTARDS:A waterproof leather that is exceptionally soft, used especially on the backs of the gloves. SHEEP SKIN:A very soft leather used for womens' glo-ves, especially on the back of the hand to give the glove extra softness.Coated waterproof Goatskin: This leather is used on the palms of freeride gloves, its exceptional waterproof resistance keeps the glove dry and long lasting. QUARTZ PITTARDS LEATHER:Pittard leather has a lasercut design providing an extra strong grip in specic points of the palm. DRAGON PITTARDS:This waterproof goat leather has a design that makes it special and durable. It is used on the palms of snowboard gloves. KERATAN LEATHER:KERATAN is a unique leather treatment designed to signicantly increase the abrasion protection and durability of nest performance goatskin leathers. The benets of KERATAN are: resistance to extreme levels of abrasion, functionality and comfort. The long effective life combined with FireBloc II, can make them ame resistant to the Martindale abrasion test; 45,000 revolutions to hole (average value 1mm thick WR100).This new system gives the possibility for the creation of a product that is customised to the skiers/riders needs. The padding in the custom t gloves is made with a breathable thermoformable material, that after 180 seconds of heating at 80°c in our dedicated oven, takes the shape of the skiers hand. While the gloves are still hot the rider has to wear them for 3-5minutes so they can take the shape of the hand. This customization can be repeated as often as they like. The benets for the skier are: a custom tting glove, improved comfort, high sensitivity and a better grip on the ski poles.Level is the rst company to introduce the exclusive Kirax system into ski gloves. This innovative technology stimulates the bodys nervous system in a unique way so that it enhances reaction time, performance and a general sense of well being. The shape of the design maximizes comfort while gently massaging the proprioceptive nervous terminations on the back of the hand to jump start the bodys reexes. Kirax is a natural reex stimulator. It exerts a gentle pressure to stimulate the skins response system in areas where there is a higher concen-tration of proprioceptive nervous terminals. The brain percieves the increased stimulus generated by Kirax and responds with an increased sensiblity.

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