PAGE - 13PAGE - 12 thermoplus 5000thermoplus 4000thermoplus 3000thermoplus 20005ºC10ºC15ºC20ºC25ºC30ºC35ºC41ºF50ºF59ºF68ºF77ºF86ºF95ºF3456789510152025303540455055601324THERMO-PLUS TECHNOLOGYSCIENTIFIC TESTS TO GUARANTEE THE THERMOPLUS CERTIFICATIONTHERMAL BEHAVIOUR OF THE MATERIALS IN REAL AND SIMULATED SKIING CONFITIONS. Thermo-Plus is Levels certication and guarantee for outstanding insulation and heat retention of the natural warmth of the hands even in the worst climate conditions. Level created a machine to test the gloves in a series of extreme weather conditions. The results, collected in an efciency index, report the gloves' thermicity values. Thermo-Plus products values aim to be at least 30% higher than standard gloves' ones.The choice of the appropriate material for the construction of the gloves is of fundamental importance in order to achieve ergonomic comfort and high thermal insulation. Ther thermal insulation and moisture management of the gloves is created through the use of different materials. Such materials have been tested in both a climatic chamber and in outdoor conditiond using wireless sensors combined with infrared thermography. The results show substantial differences in terms of thermal comfort between the gloves, proving that Level provides the best thermal comfort for all its products.Thermal insulation is one of the key factors for protection against the cold. Since hands tend to have a large surface area compared to their volume and small muscle mass, they are more sensitive to cold exposure in respects to other parts of the human body (Kulane, 2009). It has also been reported that the feeling of cold discomfort in the hands will dominate even if clothing of proper insulation are used on the rest of the body. Hands are most comfortable wit a skin temperature of 33°c (91.4°F) and relative humidity next to the skin of about 60%. The feeling of cold starts at temperatures around 25°c (77°F), whilst discomfort from cold in reported to begin with temperatures below 20-21°c (68-69.8°F).After removing the glove, the thermal image #3 shows the hot temperature of the hand (absence of the color blue) thanks to the gloves' insulation. In the thermal image #1 no leakage of heat can be seen from the outer surface of the glove (absence of the color red) thanks to its excellent insulation. TESTS PERFORMED UNDER THE AUSPICES OF THE DICAM DEPARTMENT OF BOLOGNA UNIVERSITYTHERMOPLUSSCALETIME(MIN)TEMPERATURESCALESkin temperatures measured during the test in a climatic chamber at -10 °c (14 °f) Product certied for temperatures up to -25° C | -13 FProduct certied for temperatures up to -15° C | 5 FProduct certied for temperatures up to -20° C | -4 FProduct certied for temperatures up to-8° | 17,5 FGUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU WARM

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