PAGE - 68 PAGE - 69CLASSIC COLLECTIONWINTER 2017.18FitNaturalMaterialWater Resistant FabricWarmth Index3000 - WarmInsulationLevel LoftHydrollDry TechnologyGORE-TEX® GlovesFeaturesKnitted Powder CuffSublimation on BackScreen Printed PalmMitten Lining InsideCode4166JMColor02 NAVYSizeII(4-5 Y)/V(9-10 Y)KID MITT GTX®FitNaturalMaterialWater Resistant FabricWarmth Index3000 - WarmInsulationFiberllHydrollFeaturesLong Zip on back for easy wearMade for toddlerNo thumb for easy accessMitten Lining InsideCode4185JMColor40 PK WHITESize00(6-12 M)/0(1-2 Y)TODDLER MITTFitNaturalMaterialWater Resistant FabricWarmth Index3000 - WarmInsulationFiberllHydrollFeaturesLong Zip on Back for Easy wearScreen Printed Palm&BackElastic on bottom cuffMitten Lining InsideCode4162JMColor26 BLACK- CAMOSize0(1-2 Y)/ III(5-6 Y) KIDDY MITTJUNIOR'SJUNIOR'SJUNIOR'SFitNaturalMaterialWater Resistant FabricWarmth Index3000 - WarmInsulationFiberllHydrollFeaturesNylon Powder CuffScreen Printed PalmMitten Lining InsideCode4174JMColor11 REDSize0 (1-2 Y) / II (4-5 Y)ANIMALJUNIOR'S01 BLACK47 BLACK-YELLOW11 RED30 FUCSIA01 BLACK30 FUCSIA39 PK RAINBOW02 NAVY11 RED03 ROYAL31 LIME07 YELLOW35 BLACK-WHITE39 PK RAINBOW02 NAVY46 LUXURY07 YELLOW22 FOREST40 PK WHITE41 NINJA BLACK03 ROYAL14 OLIVE GREEN30 FUCSIA47 BLACK-YELLOW43 PK BLACK04 GREY19 WHITE-RED39 PK RAINBOW50 TRIBEThe  GORE-TEX® mitten for children. Warm and technological without any compromises even for the smallest riders.The mitten for children without nger holes and a longer zip. This is the dream glove for any parent, but also for all children thanks to its entertaining design. A faithful playmate for the little ones. Designed for warmth and ease of use. Available in a wide array of bright colors. long zip opening for easy on and off.Designed for warmth and fun, many animal characters and colors.

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