PAGE - 66 PAGE - 67CLASSIC COLLECTIONWINTER 2017.18FitNaturalMaterialWater Resistant FabricWarmth Index3000 - WarmInsulationFiberllHydrollDry TechnologyMembra-Therm PlusFeaturesKnitted Powder CuffScreen Printed PalmAdjustable StrapCustomizable Back colorMitten Lining InsideFitNaturalMaterialWater Resistant FabricLeather Patch on PalmWarmth Index4000 - Very WarmInsulationDown (550 Filpower)HydrollDry TechnologyMembra-Therm PlusFeaturesShort Adjustable CuffMitten Lining InsidePreformed & Puffy GloveFitRelaxedMaterialWater Resistant Sublimated FabricWarmth Index3000 - WarmInsulationFiberllHydrollMitten Lining InsideCode4137JMColor20 BLUESize4(JR XXS)/7(JR XXL)Code4180JMColor02 NAVYSizeIII(5-6 Y)/VI(11-12 Y)Code6082OJColor47 BLACK-YELLOWSize4,5(JR XS)/6,5(JR XL)RAINBOW DOWNPOP-ART MITTJUNIORJUNIOR'SOVERGLOVEJUNIOR'SFitNaturalMaterialWater Resistant FabricWarmth Index3000 - WarmInsulationFiberllHydrollFeaturesZip on CuffScreen Printed Palm&BackSpecial Wrist insideCode4146JGColor39 PK RAINBOWSizeI (2-3 Y) / IV (7-8 Y)LUCKYLUCKY MITTCode4146JMColor46 LUXURYSizeI (2-3 Y) / IV (7-8 Y)JUNIOR'SJUNIOR'SFeaturesMitten Lining Inside01 BLACK39 PK RAINBOW01 BLACK30 FUCSIA06 LIGHT BLUE11 RED04 GREY30 FUCSIA02 NAVY02 NAVY20 BLUE39 PK RAINBOW46 LUXURY03 ROYALYELLOW30 FUCSIA03 ROYALYELLOW20 BLUE42 NINJA GREEN30 FUCSIAA new invention from LEVEL. The rst colorable Mitt on the market; delivered with 5 color markers will permit kids to color his own way!This  feather  mitten  for  young  future  riders  is  the  result  of  constant  rese-arch  in LEVEL. The  feather  padding  assures  maximum  warmth  along  with a waterproof membrane, the  leather  patch on the  palms  ensures  resistance. Fits every glove or mitt with an extra layer of warm and comfort.A waterproof, durable, and warm all-around glove for young skiers.

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