PAGE - 60 PAGE - 61CLASSIC COLLECTIONWINTER 2017.18FitSlimMaterialWater Resistant Sublimated FabricInsulationGORE® WINDSTOPPER® LiningDry TechnologyGORE® WINDSTOPPER®FeaturesShort CuffSublimation on Back & PalmExtra Grip GloveSilicone GripCode2331UGColor38 PK BROWNSize6 (XXS) / 10 (XXL)Code2360UGColor43 PK BLACKSize6 (XXS) / 10 (XXL)Code2360UMColor50 TRIBESize6 (XXS) / 10 (XXL)SUBURBAN GTX®PRO RIDER WS®PRO RIDER MITT WS®FitSlimMaterialStretch Water Resistant Fabric Warmth Index2000 - StandardInsulationBlack FleeceDry TechnologyGORE-TEX® GlovesFeaturesShort CuffAdjustable StrapStorm LeashSilicone GripFitSlimMaterialStretch Water Resistant Fabric InsulationSquare LiningHighlightsI-Touch SystemFeaturesShort CuffSilicone GripFitSlimMaterialWater Resistant Sublimated FabricInsulationHydrollFeaturesShort CuffSublimation on Back & PalmSilicone GripCode2355UGColor11 REDSize6 (XXS) / 10 (XXL)Code2380UGColor53 DARKSize6 (XXS) / 10 (XXL)I-LINEWEBFeaturesMitten Lining Inside01 BLACK14 OLIVE GREEN04 GREY12 GREEN23 BLUE-GREY43 PK BLACK49 LOGOS01 BLACK15 ANTHRACITE01 BLACK13 ORANGE34 PLAID BROWN22 FOREST14 OLIVE GREEN43 PK BLACKLEVEL's most popular pipe glove now also with GORE-TEX® technology, built to last.A favorite of LEVEL's pro team, a super stylish pipe glove built to perform. This is a new school favorite..light weight and so stylish.Pipe great value glove, 4 way stretch material; one of LEVEL park and pipe favorite. Light weight and so stylish.

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