PAGE - 56 PAGE - 57CLASSIC COLLECTIONWINTER 2017.18FitSlimMaterialPolartec®, Leather Patch on PalmInsulationPolartec®HighlightsI-Touch SystemFeaturesShort Cuff, Pocket for Wind&Rain CoverFitNaturalMaterialWindbreaker Fabric, Water Proof Goat PalmWarmth Index2000 - StandardInsulationPrimaloft®, Hydroll HighlightsI-Touch SystemCode3412UGColor53 DARKSizeXS / XXLCode3451UGColor53 DARKSizeXS / XXLCode3456UGColor01 BLACKSizeXS / XXLTEMPEST WSTRAIL POLARTECCROSSFitSlimMaterialLeather Patch on PalmInsulationHydrollDry TechnologyGORE® WINDSTOPPER®HighlightsI-Touch SystemFeaturesShort CuffPocket on Back for Wind&Rain coverFitSlimMaterialWindbreaker Fabric, Suede PalmDry TechnologyWindbreakerHighlightsI-Touch SystemFeaturesShort Cuff, Nose CleanerFitSlimMaterialPolartec®Leather Patch on PalmInsulationPolartec®HighlightsI-Touch SystemFeaturesShort CuffFitSlimMaterialStretch Fleece FabricHighlightsI-Touch SystemFeaturesSoft Patch Reinforce on PalmFitSlimMaterialSilk FabricFeaturesVery Thin and Warm Under GloveFitRelaxedMaterialWater Resistant Micro FabricWarmth Index4000 - Very WarmInsulationFiberllKnitted Brush InsideMitten Lining InsideCode3461UGColor01 BLACKSizeXS / XXLCode3459UGColor01 BLACKSizeXS / XLCode3465UGColor04 GREYSizeS / XXLCode3480UGColor01 BLACKSizeXS / LCode6041OMColor01 BLACKSizeS / LTOURINGI-HIGHLANDI-RAPIDSILKELEMENT OVERGLOVEWIND&RAINCOVERMOUNTAIN LIGHTTechnical GORE® WINDSTOPPER® and i touch glove; it is the ultimate in versatility. Wear the GORE® WIND-STOPPER® liner as a spring, casual, or driving glove and use the wind and rain protection for temperature and weather changes. Multi sport Polartec® i touch glove; incredibly versatile with its rain cover.This  is  a technical outdoor glove with  Windbreaker  and  Primaloft®  pad-ding. Ideal for all outdoor activities such as hiking, touring and running.Outdoor gloves for hiking, alpine ski touring, and other outdoor adventures. Perfect gloves that withstand tough abuse and are made from our best materials.This  is  a  practical  and  technical  outdoor  glove  with  Windbreaker.  Ideal for all outdoor activities such as ski touring or nordic ski.A classic all-purpose liner and cool-wea-ther glove, it keeps your hands amazingly warm.I-Touch glove for all use in winter.Under glove in silk, warm and great feeling. Fits every glove or mitt with an extra layer of warm and comfort best solution for extreme conditions.

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