PAGE - 48 PAGE - 49CLASSIC COLLECTIONWINTER 2017.18FitNaturalMaterialWater Resistant Micro FabricWarmth Index3000 - WarmInsulationLevel LoftThermo Silver LiningDry TechnologyGORE-TEX® + Gore Active technologyFeaturesShort CuffAdjustable StrapFitNaturalMaterialWater Resistant Soft FabricReinforced Leather PalmWarmth Index3000 - WarmInsulationPrimaloft®HydrollDry TechnologyMembra-Therm PlusFeaturesShort CuffHook&Loop ClosureCode3330UGColor10 BROWNSize7 (S) / 10 (XXL)Code3336UGColor38 PK BROWNSize7 (S) / 10 (XXL)Code3343UGColor31 LIMESize7 (S) / 11 (4XL)SHARPEVOLUTION GTX®ALPINEFitNaturalMaterialWater Resistant Sheep LeatherWater Resistant FabricWarmth Index3000 - WarmInsulationPrimaloft®Hydroll Silky Touch (135 Gr)Dry TechnologyMembra-Therm PlusFeaturesShort CuffZip on CuffFitNaturalMaterialWater Resistant Micro FabricReinforced Leather PalmWarmth Index2000 - StandardInsulationFiberllHydrollDry TechnologyMembra-Therm PlusFeaturesShort CuffHook&Loop ClosureFitNaturalMaterialWater Resistant Micro FabricWarmth Index2000 - StandardInsulationFiberllHydrollDry TechnologyMembra-Therm PlusFeaturesShort CuffAdjustable StrapCode3343UMColor43 PK BLACKSize7 (S) / 11 (4XL)Code3362UGColor15 ANTHRACITESize7 (S) / 10 (XXL)Code3366UGColor18 BLACK-GREYSize7 (S) / 11 (4XL)ALPINE MITTFORCEHEROFeaturesMitten Lining Inside01 BLACK01 BLACK01 BLACK43 PK BLACK15 ANTHRACITE15 ANTHRACITE02 NAVY53 DARK11 RED01 BLACK01 BLACK51 JEANS01 BLACK02 NAVY53 DARK16 NAVY-GREY11 RED43 PK BLACK43 PK BLACKThermo Silver Lining This  glove  is  made from extra soft  le-ather  making  it  elegant  and  sporty. The    Primaloft®  padding, membrane and  t  have  been  studied  to  ensure  the best  t:  what  could  you  want  more?A  GORE-TEX®  glove  so  essential  that  it  aims  only  for the maximum  warmth, waterproof and  breatha-bility. Waterproof, warm, and rugged, the Alpine is a great value in performance gloves. A great all-around sport stylish glove with fantastic ergonomic t.Classic look, great t and an awesome value. The Hero is fully waterproof, breathable and warm.

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