PAGE - 2 PAGE - 3CLASSIC COLLECTIONWINTER 2017.18TECHNOLOGY08 - 19BLISS20 - 31WOMEN'S LEATHER32 - 33WOMEN'S ALPINE34 - 39MEN'S LEATHER40 - 45MEN'S ALPINE46 - 49MEN'S MOUNTAIN50- 55MEN'S MOUNTAIN LIGHT56 - 57MEN'S TREND58 - 61JUNIOR & KIDSNEAR FIELD COMMUNICATIONTION62 - 6970 - 73PROTECTION74 - 81RACING82 - 89SKI POLES90 - 94ACCESSORIES95BEANIES96 - 99POPS100 - 103COLLECTION OVERVIEW104 - 107LEVEL ETHICAL TRADE POLICYLEVEL strongly believes in ethical principles and ethical business practices. We believe our company can make an impact. Therefore, we have implemented codes of conduct (coc) for our business. Our coc is based on conventions related to working conditions and the environment which are x acknowledged and have been legally adopted in most countries. We are committed to working for ethical improvements throughout our supply chain. ENVIRONMENTAL PHILOSOPHYOur company is committed to causing as little harm as possible to the environment throughout our value chain/partners, as well as respecting local (best) ethics wherever we are present. PRODUCTION PHILOSOPHYUsing environmentally friendly materials, technologies and techniques wherever possible. Our products are intended to have a long life span, be repairable and recyclable.ANIMAL WELFARELEVEL products and raw materials take animal welfare into account, and LEVEL is strongly against the mistreatment of any animals. We will not use anything that comes from mulesing of sheep, picking the down from live birds or the use of traps in any of our products.

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