PAGE - 36 01 BLACK09 WHITE01 BLACK04 GREYPAGE - 37CLASSIC COLLECTIONWINTER 2017.1840 PK WHITE01 BLACK44 TARTAN GREY01 BLACK04 GREY16 FUCSIA04 GREY18 BLACK GREY35 BLACK-WHITEFitNaturalMaterialWater Resistant FabricWater Proof Goat Leather PalmWarmth Index3000 - WarmInsulationLevel LoftThermo Silver LiningDry TechnologyGORE-TEX® + Gore Active technologyFeaturesShort CuffZip on CuffCode3236WGColor09 WHITESize6 (XXS) / 8,5 (M-L)Code3236WMColor01 BLACKSize6 (XXS) / 8,5 (M-L)Code3292WGColor40 PK WHITESize6 (XXS) / 8,5 (M-L)CHANELLECHANELLE MITTLIBERTY GTX®FitNaturalMaterialWater Resistant Soft FabricWater Resistant Sheep Leather PalmWarmth Index2000 - StandardInsulationLevel LoftHydrollDry TechnologyMembra-Therm PlusFeaturesQuilting BackFur on CuffAdjustable StrapWOMEN'SWOMEN'SWOMEN'SFitNaturalMaterialWater Resistant Stretch Micro NylonWater Proof Goat Leather PalmWarmth Index3000 - WarmInsulationPrimaloft®HydrollDry TechnologyMembra-Therm PlusFeaturesShort CuffCode3292WMColor01 BLACKSize6 (XXS) / 8,5 (M-L)Code3344WGColor43 PK BALCKSize6 (XXS) / 8,5 (M-L)Code3344WMColor44 TARTAN GREYSize6 (XXS) / 8,5 (M-L)LIBERTY MITT GTX®ALPINEALPINE MITTWOMEN'SWOMEN'SWOMEN'SFeaturesMitten Lining InsideFeaturesMitten Lining InsideFeaturesMitten Lining InsideThermo Silver Lining Thermo Silver Lining Elegance  and performance.  Chanelle  is  the right  glove  for  any  skier  who  wants  to stand out  without  compromi-sing  warmth  and comfort. Elegance  and performance.  This  model  is  for  any  sport  female  skier  who  wants  detail  in the design, class, comfort and performance. The  incredible  t  and  warmth  is  assured.  GORE-TEX®  + Gore Active  technology. Waterproof,  warm  and  resistant; the Alpine woman  glove  has  top  quality  materials  to  deliver  the best performance. A  classic  yet  sporty  glove  that  has  evolved  in  its  design and  technology. 

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