PAGE - 32 PAGE - 33CLASSIC COLLECTIONWINTER 2017.18FitNaturalMaterialWater Resistant Goat LeatherWater Resistant Goat Leather PalmWarmth Index3000 - WarmInsulationSwiss WoolHydroll Silky Touch (135 Gr)FeaturesShort Neoprene CuffSafety LeashOutside stitching on PalmCode2063WGColor27 PINKSize6 (XXS) / 8,5 (M-L)Code2063WMColor01 BLACKSize6 (XXS) / 8,5 (M-L)OFF PISTE LTHWOMEN'SWOMEN'SOFF PISTE LTH MITTFitNaturalMaterialWater Resistant Sheep LeatherWarmth Index3000 - WarmInsulationPrimaloft®HydrollFeaturesBlack Boa on cuffAdjustable StrapFitNaturalMaterialWater Resistant Soft FabricWater Proof Goat Leather PalmWarmth Index4000 - Very WarmInsulationSwiss WoolBoa Fleece InsideDry TechnologyMembra-Therm PlusFeaturesLong CuffSafety LeashCode3272WGColor09 WHITESize6 (XXS) / 8,5 (M-L)Code3272WMColor01 BLACKSize6 (XXS) / 8,5 (M-L)Code2064WGColor05 BEIGESize6 (XXS) / 8,5 (M-L)Code2064WMColor05 BEIGESize6 (XXS) / 8,5 (M-L)CLASSICCLASSIC MITTOFF PISTE OFF PISTE MITT WOMEN'SWOMEN'SWOMEN'SWOMEN'SFeaturesMitten Lining InsideFeaturesMitten Lining InsideFeaturesMitten Lining Inside01 BLACK01 BLACK09 WHITEWOMENS’ LEATHERAll mountain leather stylish glove, for the demanding freerider woman. The women’s leather collection sets the standard for design and leather quality and softness. Built for maximum comfort.Extra soft  leather  and  padding  made from  Primaloft®  make  this  glove  extra  comfortable, the  classic  look  always  assures  it  to be a best seller  year  after  year.  Great freeride glove for the experien-ced rider.

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