PAGE - 18 PAGE - 19HIGHLIGHTSSUPER FABRICPOWDER CUFFREMOVALBE LINER - WARMAXGOGGLE CLEANERSTORM LEASHWIND&RAIN COVERADJUSTABLE STRAPKEVLARH&RMULTIFUNCTION POCKETSILICONE PRINTED PALMNOSE CLEANERSAFETY STORM LEASHPREFORMED FINGERSOUTSIDE FINGER STICHINGWORLD FINEST LEATHERI-TOUCH SYSTEMFLEX PALMBREATHABLE SYSTEMTHERMO SILVER LININGComing from MotoGP experience this material is now the "state of the art" of ski racing impact solution. Extra resistant to friction at high speeds.This nylon cuff has a convenient adjust-ment for the closure around the wrist preventing snow from getting inside when riding powder.A removable lining where the back of the lining is built with a hot thick material whilst the palm is thinner to maintain sensitivity. The removable liner can be removed and washed.This new design of seude material is placed in a very efcient position making it easier to clean goggles. This cord is used to secure the glove to your hand with an adjustable plastic. A big advantage when you don't want to wear gloves but want to keep them attached to the wrist. Created by Level to improve wind and rain protection this technical feature is the perfect solution for temperature and weather changesThis closing system makes it easy to t under jackets therefore offering a better closure.Level uses only schoeller kevlar, the strongest kevlar on the market. Guaran-teed to have the best durability.Round nger tips are more durable and reduce catching on abrasive objects. Pocket positioned on the top of the glo-ve. May be used to insert hand war-mers, skipass or other small objects.A silicon pattern applied to the palm. Provides excellent waterproong, improved sensitivity, and exceptional grip.Special ock fabric placed on your thumb. Provides a gentle feeling when used as a nose wipe while riding or skiing.A new leash concept that offers an increased saftey feature for riders and skiers.This is a special anatomical con-struction that permits a preformed shape. The preformed shape reduces wrinkles on the palm and guarantees better t and sensitivity.This construction provides a better t and a perfect grip.The nest goat leather in the world. Levels' leathers natural water repellen-cy, durability, and insulating properties guarantee the best performance.The“i-touch” system allows you to use your smart phone without having to remove the glove.The elastic cordura insert on the palm allows for a better t, more exibility and a cozy feeling. An air exchanging vent is placed on the back of the glove allowing moisture to escape. This improves the drying time of the glove and avoids hands getting wet. Little silver dots reect and retain the warmth your body generates, while dissipating moisture and excess heat.

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